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Aquatuning Tec-Protect-Ultra Valvoline SuperCoolant 1000ml

Aquatuning Tec-Protect-Ultra Valvoline SuperCoolant 1000ml
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Inhoud: 1000 ml

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NEW: The power additive from American motorsports   The Tec-Protect-Ultra...meer

NEW: The power additive from American motorsports


The Tec-Protect-Ultra (Valvoline edition) anti-corrosive and heat carrying additive reliably protects water coolers from corrosion and is recommended especially for systems using different metals within the loop. The additive does not need to be mixed, and is perfect for a complete system. Using Valvoline SuperCoolant improves the heat absorption and dissipation in the water. This makes Tec-Protect-Ultra Valvoline SuperCoolant especially suited for high-performance cooling systems.

Contents: Ethylene Glycol 1.25%, Ethylenexanoic Acid 0.4%, Potassium Hydroxide 0.05%, 4-Hydroxymenzoic Acid 0.05%, Diethylene Glycol 0.05%.


Technical Specifications:

Contains: 1000ml

Colour: green-transparent



As this concentrate contains colourant, it is possible that it may stain clothing or other fabrics on contact. We also advise you that colourant will fade over time and affect the intensity of the colour.

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Technische details
Kleur: groen
UV-kleur: niet UV-active
Specificatie: kant-en-klaar
Manufacturer: Aquatuning
Inhoud: 1000ml
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Questions & Answers
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Frage von Carsten N. vom 07. July 2017
kann man dieses Kühlmittel in dem Alphacool Repack - Single Laing D5 benutzen? Da dieser AGB kein Titandioxid oder Glyzerin verträgt.
Antwort von Administrator vom 07. July 2017
Grundlegend sollte man Flüssigkeiten mit Titanoxid und Glyzerin vermeiden da damit nahezu alle Materialien angegriffen werden. Diese Flüssigkeit enthält weder das Eine noch das Andere.
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