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Tygon R6010 Norprene tube 11,2/8mm (5/16"ID) - black

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Tygon introduces a different type of tubing for your water cooling system! Norprene, not...meer

Tygon introduces a different type of tubing for your water cooling system!

Norprene, not Neoprene, is a very special material. The most common materials used for tubing in PC water cooling systems are PVC or PUR, but Norprene as a commonly used material in industrial applications offers some extraordinary possibilities. This tubing is designed to withstand even harsh conditions for a very long period of time, offering a truly exceptional lifespan even under UV and heat exposure for many years.
Thanks to these chemical properties this tubing is perfect for projects which are designed for a long lifespan, such as laying tubing through the house even inside walls.

Installation inside of the enclosure is also possible with this tubing. Tight radiuses and an elegant tubing management was, up until now, only possible with angled connectors and adaptors. This was not only expensive, but also greatly increased flow resistance of the cooling loop, hence reducing performance. No more! This special tubing can be heat-fused: With a bit of training it is now possible to create any shape for perfect tubing management.

Maybe not the tubing for everyone, but special tubing with many special possibilities which other products don't offer!

Technical specifications:
Material: Norprene
Colour: Black, not UV-reactive
Outer diameter: 11.2mm
Inner diameter: 8mm
Operating temperature range: -60°C to 135°C

Conforms with RoHS

Extent of delivery:
1m Tygon R6010 Norprene tubing 11,2/8mm (5/16"ID)  - black

How2 (Userreview):

Techmische details en video's meer
Technische details
Kleur: zwart
UV-kleur: niet UV-active
Max. druk: 4 Bar (bij 20°C)
Gebruikstemperatuur: -20°C tot +60°C
Lengte: 100cm
Manufacturer: Tygon
Binnendiameter: 8mm (5/16")
Buitendiameter: 11mm (7/16")
Materiaal: Neopren
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
1 Vraag (vragen) in andere talen.
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Frage von Kristof S. vom 06. June 2018
kann dieser schlauch auch mit 10/8er schraubanschlüssen verwendet werden?
Antwort von Administrator vom 06. June 2018
Nein, das wird nicht gehen. Du wirst dabei die Anschraubtülle gerade mal über den Schlauch bekommen, die Anschraubtülle dann aber nicht mehr auf das Gewinde des Anschlusses selbst, da die Wandstärke des Schlauches schon zu dick ist. Mit einem 11/8mm Anschluss sollte es jedoch noch klappen, da der Tygonschlauch doch recht flexible ist.
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