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Aquacomputer aquaduct 360 XT mark V ceramic external water cooling system

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The aquaduct 360 XT Mark V ceramic belongs to the fifth generation of the successful aquaduct XT...meer
The aquaduct 360 XT Mark V ceramic belongs to the fifth generation of the successful aquaduct XT series. Primary objectives of the development of the aquaduct XT series were a convincing design and an outstanding cooling capacity while maintaining a minimal noise level. The aquaduct is easy to use, reliable and extremely compact.

The aquaduct is a combination of a passive and an active radiator through which the advantages of both technologies join together in a product. For easy maintenance, the passive cooling profiles on the sides of the aquaduct contain high volume reservoirs. Inside the aquaduct, the active cooling component is composed of a large radiator with microprocessor controlled fans. Ball valves are integrated in the base of the aquaduct, allowing the user to disconnect the aquaduct from the PC without draining the aquaduct.

The aquaduct 360 XT mark V ceramic contains a microprocessor controlled 12V Pump with a ceramic bearing, a triple radiator and a sophisticated control logic, designed specifically for external water cooling systems. The controller of the aquaduct mark V series features a graphic LC display and can either be operated using the touch buttons on the aquaduct itself or using the IR remote control which is included in delivery. The IR remote control can also be used to control the PC itself (keyboard and mouse function, USB connection between PC and aquaduct required). Furthermore, for perfect integration into your home entertainment system, the aquaduct XT mark V series is also equipped with an IR transmitter. Controlling and monitoring features of the mark V series include flow monitoring, multiple temperature sensors, programmable fan controllers and an USB interface. The variable RGB lighting feature, integrated into the top of the aquaduct and visible from the side as well as inside the reservoirs, can be configured individually. The completely redesigned aquasuite 2012 software allows you to configure your own set of values to display on the main screen and thereby gives you an even better overview of the current status of your cooling system.

The aquaduct XT mark V series is shipped with a PCI(e) slot bezel to be installed into the PC. In addition to connecting the aquaduct to the PSU of the PC, the attached PCB features an additional fan connector as well as two temperature sensor inputs, an artificial speed signal output and a potential-free relay contact. Speed signal and / or relay contact can for example be used for emergency shutdown of the PC by either using the PC's BIOS to monitor the speed signal or turning off the PSU using an additional "aquaero power connect" cable, not included in delivery. Two holes in the bezel can be used to pass the hoses into the PC case.

Important notice:
The maximum heat dissipation of 700 W does not mean that you require a 700 W PSU but that the aquaduct 360 XT mark IV is able to dissipate approximately 700 W of thermal power. This value correlates with a coolant temperature of approximately 15 °C above ambient temperature at full fan speed. In many cases, coolant temperatures of 30 °C above ambient temperature will also be acceptable, allowing the aquaduct to dissipate approximately 1400 W of thermal power. The aquaduct itself has a power consumption of approximately 20 W for pump, fans and controller.

Radiator: airplex PRO 360
Fans: airstream 120 mm, temperature controlled or manually configured
Pump: 12 V, microprocessor controlled with adjustable power and monitoring functions
Controller: Stand-alone control unit with graphic LC display, USB 2.0 interface
Internal temperature sensors for coolant inlet and outlet temperature, air inlet and outlet temperature
Internal flow sensor

approx. 590 x 224 x 108 mm
Weight: approx. 9.5 kg

Scope of delivery:

aquaduct 360 XT mark V external water cooling system
aquaremote IR controller
Two straight plug & cool fittings G 1/4 (mounted to the aquaduct)
PCIe bezel with circuit board
Interconnecting cable (aquaduct to PCIe bezel, length approx. 2 m)
USB cable (length approx. 2 m)
plug & cool hose for inlet and outlet (length of approx. 2 m each)
Double Protect Ultra coolant (1000 ml)

Not included in delivery:

suitable water blocks for your hardware
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Technische details
Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
Radiator afmetingen: 3x120mm
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Questions & Answers
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Frage von Guest #35214 vom 09. September 2017
Wieviel Liter Fassungsvermögen hat der Turm den,das wird leider nicht erwähnt.
Antwort von Administrator vom 09. September 2017
Uns liegen dazu leider keine Informationen vor. Aber aus der Erfahrung heraus sollte hier weniger als ein Liter benötigt werden um den Turm zu füllen.
Frage von Kai H. vom 07. July 2018
Kann ich auch andere hier angebotene Kühlflüssigkeiten einfüllen auser das mitgelieferte ? z.B. WAZ Aquacomputer double protect ultra nr. 30264
Antwort von Administrator vom 07. July 2018
Sie können diese Flüssigkeit ebenfalls verwenden.
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