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Aquacomputer airplex radical 2/240, aluminum fins

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The airplex radical series combines some key features from the renowned airplex modularity...meer

The airplex radical series combines some key features from the renowned airplex modularity series in a new design, radically reduced to function and performance. The result is a radiator of excellent quality for a competitive price. Just as the airplex modularity series, no welding is performed during production of the airplex radical series, preventing any welding residues inside the radiator. The coolant does not have contact to any other materials than seals, Delrin, copper and stainless steel.

For an improved and easier installation process, the airplex radical series comes with threaded inserts made from nickel plated brass that protrude into the mounting holes of the fans. Therefore, fans are "automatically" correctly aligned to the threads - extremely convenient especially with large radiators! Additionally, this results in a deeper thread and the screw can be positioned farther away from the tubes and fins of the radiator, reducing the risk to damage the radiator by using too long screws. If the radiator is to be installed without fans, the inserts can also be installed upside-down resulting in a nearly flat surface, so there is no gap between radiator and PC case.
Both sides of the radiator are equipped with slide rails for the threaded inserts and inserts for one side of the radiator are included in delivery. Additional inserts are available separately. Small notches in the slide rails lock the inserts when installed.
The radiator frame is made from stainless steel, the rear is chromated in dark gray for optical purposes. The total dimensions of the radiator are extremely compact in relation to the fin dimensions.

Technical details:
Dimensions: 280 x 140 x 40 mm
Connection threads: G 1/4
Threaded inserts: M3
Connection terminal material: Delrin
Tube material: Copper
Fin material: Aluminum
Frame material: Stainless steel

Scope of delivery:
One radiator
8 threaded inserts M3
8 screws M3 x 25

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Technische details
Kleur: zilver
Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
Aansluiting: 2x G1/4
Ventilator afmetingen: 120mm
Dikte: M - 45mm
Koelkanalen: Koper
Behuizing: roestvrij staal
Schroefdraad tbv ventilatoren: M3
Druk getest: 0.80
Lamellen: Aluminium
Aantal ventilatoren: 2
Afmetingen (L x B x H): 280 x 140 x 40mm
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