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Phobya spacer black 34mm (4 pieces) M4

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For comfortable mounting of a radiator on top of an enclosure without havong to machine a large...meer

For comfortable mounting of a radiator on top of an enclosure without havong to machine a large opening into the enclosure, spacers are the way to go. Only 4 holes with a diameter of 5mm need to be drilled to allow the included M4 screws to be pushed through. Black spacer sleeves create an elegant smooth appearance, ensuring a spacing of approx. 34mm between radiator and enclosure, allowing ideal airflow through the radiator.

All Black ice, XSPC (some models), Koolance as well as all other radiators with M4 mounting / fan threads.

Extent of delivery:
4x M4x40mm black screws
4x approx. 34mm long black plastic spacer sleeves
8x PA washers

Please note: This is the new version with spacers made from black plastic instead of transparent Plexiglas. An inner diameter of 4mm even allows use with both M3 and M4 screws!


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