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Alphacool screw kit for Laing DDC metal bottom

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With this decoupling Alphacool again developed a new type of fastening the Laing pump. It is...meer

With this decoupling Alphacool again developed a new type of fastening the Laing pump.

It is not only an effective method of decoupling but also a very user-friendly version. With the special M4 screws, the Laing pump can now be mounted with a variety of attachments. These are easily inserted through the pump case on all four corners and bolted to the top. To tighten the screw it has a hexagon socket.

Now the Laing pump can be mounted on any arbitrary location - e.g. at the bottom of the case.
To fasten the pump you have to drill four holes in the case an use the M4 screws. 

Compatible with:
Alphacool Laing DDC Plexi/Acetal tops (product ID: 52033/52165)
Alphacool Laing DDC Plexi tops HF 38 Version G3/8 (product ID: 52167)
Phobya Laing DDC tops  - silver/black nickel Edition (product ID: 52098/52099)
Watercool DDC-Case LT/Acryl (product ID: 52159/52143)
Koolance Pump Nozzle & Reservoir Base (product ID: 52172)

Scope of delivery:
4x M4 x 20mm Allen screws
4x decoupling gums with M4 x 8mm thread
4x M4 x 5mm Cross head screws
1x hex wrench

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