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Phobya temperature sensor single 80 cm - black sleeved

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Leverbaar: 10.08.2020 - 12.08.2020

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SMD temperature sensor with cable and 2-Pin connector. This model is similar to the sensors...meer

SMD temperature sensor with cable and 2-Pin connector. This model is similar to the sensors used on the thermometers available in the shop as well as the Digital Doctor. Universal compatibility with other devices is also given. Cable length approx. 80cm.

This cable is not only practical, it is also optically appealing, The surrounding mesh, also called mesh, which is surrounding the cable itself offers the advantages that every Pro-modder is looking for: A completely unique look, even of the cables in the system! Special attention was paid to the combination of cable connectors, sleeve and heatshrink which were used to ensure great design and a unique as well as elegant look.

This is a 10kOhm temperature sensor which is compatible with, amongst many others, the following devices:
aquaero 3.07, aquaero 4.00, aquaero 5
aquastream XT Ultra
aquaduct versions with external sensor input (360 XT, 720 XT)
Alphacool Heatmaster
Innovatek Fan-O-Matic
Lian Li Multipanel
Scythe Kaze
Sensor inputs on many Motherboards

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Technische details
Manufacturer: Phobya
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Thermal resistance (at 25 ° C): 10 kOhm (Mainboard)
1e pagina: Sensorkopf
Connector plug: 2-Pin (Mainboard)
Length of connecting cable: 80 cm
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