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Phobya Phobya toggle switch unipolar ON/OFF/ON black (3pin)

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This switch features a low-friction ball switching design which has proven itself hundreds of...meer

This switch features a low-friction ball switching design which has proven itself hundreds of millions of times. Sleek design with semi-gloss surface, wear-resistant print and a well-defined switching point make this switch perfect for all applications. Notch mounting for installation in wall thicknesses of 0.75-3mm makes fitting the switch easy. Tolerance compensation gills on the switch ensure a tight fit when installed. Caulked connectors ensure safe connections and a solid fit.

MARQUARDT rocking switch
Series 1800
Colour: Black
One-pin switch: 6(2)A / 250V ~
Momentarily switching on both sides, OFF in middle position
No print
Connector: Soldering connector
Required cut-out: 19,4 x 12,9 mm

Review of the 'bay-cover' project by Moddingbase

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Technische details
Kleur: zwart
Materiaal: Kunststoff
Manufacturer: Phobya
Levensduur LED: 40.000 h
Temperatuurbereik: van -20°C tot +55°C
Levensduur mechaniek: 50.000 cycli
Specificatie: Schalter
Totale lengte: 26mm
Lengte schroefdraad: niet beschikbaar
Gatmaat: 18,9 x 12,9mm
Protectieklasse: niet beschikbaar
Afmetingen front: 15 x 21mm
Uitsteekwaarde: 7mm
LED-kleur: niet beschikbaar
LED-stroomvoorziening: niet beschikbaar
Max. belasting: 6A / 12V
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Questions & Answers
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