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Aquacomputer kryographics NEXT RTX 2080 nickel plated version

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Full-cover water cooler for NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics cards according to reference design,...meer

Full-cover water cooler for NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics cards according to reference design, compatible with SLI NVLink bridges.

The cooler base, milled from a solid copper block, covers the entire board of the graphics card and is in contact with all components to be cooled. In the GPU area, a stainless steel jet plate ensures optimum cooling performance, while wide channels in other areas of the cooler guarantee low flow resistance. 

The lid of the cooler is made of acrylic glass and is reinforced by a black anodized aluminum frame. For illumination, 15 individually addressable RGBpx LEDs are integrated into the cooler, which can be connected to an Aqua Computer device with RGBpx output or a motherboard with compatible output.

The kryographics NEXT series adopts proven features of the kryographics series:

Relevant contact surfaces are mirror polished for optimum heat transfer. 

Direct contact to GPU and RAM, high-quality thermal pad for other components such as voltage regulators included.

All mounting threads are equipped with metal spacers for easy mounting.

Connection thread G1/4 optionally usable from both sides, two screw plugs included.

Interchangeable connection terminal.

Full compatibility with kryographics connection terminals with VISION module and kryoconnect SLI connectors.

Compatible products for integrated RGBpx lighting:

All Aqua Computer products with RGBpx output, e.g. Quadro fan controller

Mainboards of the manufacturer ASUS with connection possibility for addressable RGB-LEDs 


  • Basic body: Copper, nickel-plated
  • Cover: Acrylic glass
  • Frame: Anodised aluminium
  • Jetplate: stainless steel
  • Connection terminal: acetal

Included in delivery:

  • Cooler without connections (thread G1/4)
  • Two screw plugs G1/4
  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut heat conducting paste, approx. 0.5 gram in syringe
  • plastic spatula
  • thermal pad
  • mounting material
  • RGBpx connection cable 50 cm
  • RGBpx connection cable for ASUS mainboards with connection option for addressable RGB LEDs


Delivery without graphics card. The cooler is supplied without fittings, please order suitable fittings separately.

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Technische details
Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
Cooler model: Komplettkühler
Fabrikant: NVIDIA
Aansluiting: 4xG1/4
SLI compatibel: Ja (met SLI-adapter)
Materiaal deksel: Plexi
Materiaal bodemplaat: koper vernikkeld
Hardware Modell: RTX 2080
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