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Alphacool NexXxos GPX Pro Solo with backplate - black

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Alphacool is making great strides with the new NexXxoS GPX coolers!  The new cooling...meer

Alphacool is making great strides with the new NexXxoS GPX coolers! The new cooling concept offers optimal performance and quality at a reasonable price!

Self-Contained Circulation
Alphacool has successfully created the world's smallest high-performance water cooler with its own circulation. The powerful pump, which can easily handle a cooling loop with an additional CPU and a radiator, is integrated into the GPX Pro Solo and is totally inconspicuous. 

Alphacool developed a completely new pump design to minimize the pump's volume and increase performance, and the suction pump was born. Through its suction principle, less turbulence is created in the water, allowing for a more even flow. This also makes the pump nearly inaudible - a first in the AIO market. 

The GPU is actively cooled through the ingenious new injection technology. All the other chips are sufficiently cooled through the passive cooler in which the GPU water cooler is enclosed. (When paired with a GPX Upgrade Kit.)

Cross Slot Structure
The cross slot technology in the base plate, patented in 2004 and used in the Alphacool NexXxoS XP, has been developed further. The fins and channel structure have been refined. The remaining panes are 0.5 x 0.5mm in size and 2.5mm tall. This enables a very large and fast rate of heat transfer from the copper to the coolant.

SLI Operation
Through the outside-facing inlet and outlet, this cooler can be used in SLI configurations with little difficulty. This way, up to four graphics cards can be connected with the Alphacool GPX SLI Connector. 

Every cooler now includes a backplate which uses little passive cooling fins to cool the graphics card again, as well as giving the graphics card a finished appearance and protecting it at the same time.

Graphics card not included 


  • All Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro's 


Scope of Delivery

  • 1x GPX Pro Solo Cooler with integrated pump
  • 1x Backplate
  • Thermal paste
  • Assembly materials

Download 3D-file (.stp)


Configurator for VGA cooler

Installation manual available for download here

Compatibility list ATI

Compatibility list Nvidia


Attention: The manufacturer Mayhems advises that Mayhems fluids, especially the Aurora line of products, have been manufactured and distributed solely for show and modding purposes. These should not be utilized in the system for more than 14 days.

We would also like to advise that Mayhems fluids can damage water cooling products, and using Mayhems fluids can thereby void the warranties offered by the following manufacturers: Koolance, Phobya, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Watercool.

Damages such as: clogging, corrosion of aluminium radiators, deterioration of glued containers, etc., are a consequence of the use of Mayhems, but will not be reimbursed by Mayhems. Use is therefore at one’s own risk.

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Techmische details en video's meer
Technische details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Materiaal deksel: Kunststoff
Materiaal bodemplaat: Koper
Aansluiting: 2x G1/4
Fabrikant: NVIDIA, AMD
SLI compatibel: nee
Cooler model: Chipkühler
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von Jevgenijs S. vom 01. January 2018
Max RPM of this pump?
Antwort von Administrator vom 01. January 2018
The rpm of this pump is 2600.
Antwort von Guest #308210 vom 04. April 2019
Hello, I already own a GPX-N 1080 M12 GPU Block, Will the Alphacool NexXxos GPX Pro Solo fit into this block so I can make it independent cooling solution for my Strix 1080?
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Frage von Heiko T. vom 01. January 2018
Ich kann die Pumpe auf jeden X- beliebigen NexXos Kühler bauen oder? Habe: Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - AMD RX 580 M03 - mit Backplate - Schwarz und wollte zwecks Kreislauf erweiterung diese Pumpe einbauen.
Antwort von Administrator vom 01. January 2018
Nein, der GPX-Pro Solo ist nicht kompatibel zu den normalen GPX Kühlern. Auch wenn sich beide Produkte ähnlich sehen, sind sie jedoch grundverschieden aufgebaut.
Frage von Jesus M. vom 05. May 2018
Hola, necesito saber si este modelo es compatible con RX Vega 56 / 64 ya que en la lista de compatibilidades aparece este modelo pero luego en el modelo completo con radiador para RX vega la coldplate (el metal que toca el procesador) esta girado 45 grados. Tambien me gustaria saber que dimensiones tienen los inlet y outlet y con que fitings podria usar esta pump
Antwort von Administrator vom 05. May 2018
Hello this fits to the RX Vega 56/64 and the dimensions are G1/4.
Frage von Guest #322586 vom 10. October 2018
Kann man den Kühler auf einer Asus rtx 2070 mit Lochabstand von 70mm installieren?
Antwort von Administrator vom 11. November 2018
Nein, der kleines Abstand ist ca. 78mm (eher 80mm), max. wären ca. 118mm möglich.
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