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Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT Socket 775,1150,1151,1155,1156,1366,2011,2066 - Black Edition

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The new CPU water block from Phobya - a masterpiece of technology! At the core of the Phoby...meer

The new CPU water block from Phobya - a masterpiece of technology!

At the core of the Phoby UC-2 lies a new middle layer, based on the patented micro channel recirculation technology which was already successful in the UC-2'nd predecessor. Further developement of this design for use with a slot structure in the cooling plate allowed the creation of a CPU water block which plays amongst the best on the market. Not only excellent cooling performance, but also outstanding design and quality make the water block unique and innovative. Upon introduction to the market, the Phobya UC-2 immediately climbed to the very top of the CPU water block market

Technical aspects:
A protective foil protects the polished underside of the water block. Please remove this foil before installation! 56x56mm in site, the cooling plate features an extremely fine slot structure which is one of the most advanced on the market. 68 cooling channels fill a surface area of 35 x 31.3mm, each only 0.2mm wide. The fins in between the slots also have a thickness of only approx. 0.2mm. Above the slot structure, an approx. 1mm thick middle plate is inserted. It serves two purposes:
1: In the middle an injection slot is placed, perpendicularly directing the coolant collected from the inlet chamber into the cooling channels
2: At the bottom of the middle plate coolant recirculation channels are implemented. These channels increase flow rates and create mico-turbulence caused by cross-flow, further increasing cooling performance

A wide array of tests was conducted to determine the one design whichlead to the ideal result. Width, length and number of injection slots were variied until the desired result was achieved. An innovative coolant drain system rounds off the design of the water block, featuring two recirculation channels from the outlet collection chamber to the outlet.
For maximum fitting compatibility, the connection threads are spaced 23mm apart (center to center), even allowing the use of tubing with an outer diameter of 16mm! As a result of this well-rounded and innovative design, the Phobya UC-2 achieves sensational cooling performance on single-, dual-, quad- and even hexa-core CPUs!

Optical aspects:
The black gloss design was further improved and now comes in a more elegant version. Besides the black glossy top plate, both mounting plate and screws are now completely black. Laser engraving on the top plate marks In- and outlet with arrows. Two versions of the water block are available, one compatible with AMD and one with Intel.

In the "Extreme" (Art. 10422) version, this water block unleashed the full potential of the ciro channel recirculation technology. A full metal top improves both haptic quality and makes additionally increased performance possible. The UC-2 Extreme version gives a maximum of performance and is perfect for extreme overclocking. If you are looking for the most from your system, this water block is ideal for you. The "LT" versions (Art. 10401) allows affordable entrance into the high-performance sector, with a performance only 2-3K below the "Extreme" version (tested on a Core i2970K quad core CPU). TOP-performance with an affordable pricetag - that is the LT version!

Technical specifications:
Material water block: Copper, plastic
Material mounting plate: Aluminium 
Dimensions Intel version: 94 x 94 x 15mm
Weightt: 215g
Connection thread size: G1/4“
Mounting screw size: M4
Compatibility: Intel: 775, 1366, 1156, 1155, 2011, Xeon

  Mounting manual

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT Intel 775,1155,156,1366,2011 - black edition
1x Thermal compound Phobya HeGrease Extreme
1x Mounting material

The water block is shipped assembled and pressure-tested. In case of disassembly of the water block the warranty on seal thightness is void.
IMPORTANT: HAND-TIGHTEN FITTINGS ONLY! Only compatible with fittings with a thread length of 5mm or shorter. Damages to the top plate caused by improper use are not covered by the warranty!

This product has been tested for you:
Xtreme System

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Technische details
Materiaal deksel: Kunststoff
Materiaal bodemplaat: Koper
Socket: Intel 775, Intel 1366, Intel 1150/1151/1155/1156, Intel 2011(-3), Intel 2066
Koelcapaciteit: Uitstekend
Aansluiting: 2xG1/4
Manufacturer: Phobya
Afmetingen (L x B x H): 94 x 94 x 15mm
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Questions & Answers
8 Vraag (vragen) in andere talen.
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Frage von Shinobu A. vom 03. March 2016
Can this item be used for LGA2011 with attached screws, without any options?
Antwort von Administrator vom 03. March 2016
Frage von carlos m. vom 04. April 2016
what is the distance between holes ? 8mm ? 9mm ? or 10mm
Antwort von Administrator vom 04. April 2016
its 7mm
Frage von Ludovic N. vom 08. August 2016
Bonjour, quels embouts pour tuyau rigide en diamètre 16mm sont compatibles avec ce bloc s'il vous plait ?
Antwort von Administrator vom 08. August 2016
Hello, unfortunatelly HardTubes with 16mm OD are not compatible with this waterblock, only with 45° adapters.
Frage von Louis H. vom 01. January 2017
Will a bracket for the AM4 socket appear for this cooler?
Antwort von Administrator vom 02. February 2017
Until now, we have no information about this.
Antwort von Florim F. vom 09. September 2017
Hallo, ich bin mir nicht sicher welches Symbol für den Einlass oder Auslass zuständig ist? Besten Dank und freundliche Grüsse Ferati
Frage von Florim F. vom 09. September 2017
Hallo, ich bin mir nicht sicher welches Symbol für den Einlass oder Auslass zuständig ist? Besten Dank und freundliche Grüsse Ferati
Antwort von Administrator vom 09. September 2017
Der mittig liegende Anschluss ist der IN der am Rand ist für OUT.
Frage von Florim F. vom 09. September 2017
Wenn die Pumpe normal arbeitet und der Radiator im kurzen Kreislauf kein Mängel zeigt (Behälter/Pumpe/Radiator/Behälter) und der CPU-Kühler frei von Fremdkörpern ist, kann dies auf ein Defekt vom Kühler hinweisen, da die Temperaturen im idle bei 40 Grad liegt (Stock Einstellungen)?
Antwort von Administrator vom 09. September 2017
Das kommt ganz auf die CPU selbst an. Taktraten, Umdrehungszahl der Lüfter auf dem Radiator ect. Bitte so eine Frage telefonisch oder per Mail an uns stellen, da hier einige Punkte geklärt werden müssen und hier nur kurze Fragen gestellt werden sollen. Das würde hier ansonsten den Rahmen sprengen.
Frage von Guest #311847 vom 07. July 2018
Passt dieser Kühler auf den Sockel 1151? Unten in der Beschreibung wird dieser nicht erwähnt!
Antwort von Administrator vom 07. July 2018
Ja dieser Kühler passt auch auf den 1151 Sockel. In der Beschreibung fehlt dazu die Angabe.
Frage von Guest #357126 vom 04. April 2019
Kann der Kühler beliebig gedreht werden oder muss die Schrift nach unten zeigen ? Danke
Antwort von Administrator vom 04. April 2019
Den Kühler können SIe auch problemlos drehen.
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