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Papst 712 F/2L ( 70x70x15mm )

Papst 712 F/2L ( 70x70x15mm )
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Papst, a name that is hard not to think of when it comes to fan technology! This fan does not...meer
Papst, a name that is hard not to think of when it comes to fan technology!

This fan does not only feature extremely quiet operation due to its Sintea floating bearing, but also great Airflow and an extremely long lifespan. The low power requirement allows the fan to be operated and started even at low voltages such as 5V or 7V, therefore making them perfect for silent systems. The motor is shielded and therefore does not create any electrical fields and disruptions inside of the system. Additionally this fan offers a rpm-signal to monitor the fan's speed which can control alarm functions to improve your computer's safety.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 70x70x15mm
Nominal voltage: 12V
Airflow: 28m²/h
Nominal speed: 3300rpm
Power consumption: 0,6W
Noise level: 25 dB(A)
Sound power level: 4,7 Bel
MTBF at 20°C: 60 000h
MTBF at 60°C: 30 000h
Weight: 53g

Extent of delivery:
1x Papst 712 F/2L ( 70x70x15mm ) with 3Pin Molex plug
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Technische details
Rotor kleur: zwart
Manufacturer: Papst
Opgegeven toerental: 3300 U/min
Start spanning: 8V DC
Afmetingen: 70 x 70 x 15mm
Grootte: 70mm
Geluidsniveau: 25 dB(A)
Stroomaansluiting: nee
Stroomverbruik: 0,6 W
Frame kleur: zwart
Levensduur (bij 25°C): 200.000 h
Air flow range: 0 - 49 m³/h
Volume range: 20 - 29,9 dB(A)
Rated speed range: 2000 - 9000 U/min
LED: niet beschikbaar
Stroomaansluiting: 3Pin Molex
Opgegeven spanning: 12V DC
Luchtverplaatsing: 28 m³/h
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