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Monsoon Hardline 16/13mm (ID 1/2" OD 5/8") compression fitting - Economy Black Chrome

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The perfect fitting for builders who want a super clean design uncluttered with wrench flats or...meer

The perfect fitting for builders who want a super clean design uncluttered with wrench flats or knurling that hurts your fingers and adds visual chaos to your modern work of art.  Machined from marine grade brass and available in singles and money saving six packs that include a free wrench.  The barb (or base since it doesn't actually slide into the tube), features antimicrobial silver for performance enthusiasts who want the maximum thermal cooling power of Distilled or Deionized water without “gunk” build up.  

The available accent colors match Monsoon's full line of finishes - including all of our compression fittings, standard rotaries, light port rotaries, stop plugs, LED plugs, temp sensor plugs, Silver Bullet antimicrobial plugs, and reservoirs - so you can match, contrast, or accent with total confidence. The O-Rings are premium silicone for years of dependable worry free service and are slightly oversized for easy leak free installation in a wide range of products with industry standard G 1/4  threads.

- Precision machined from Marine grade brass.
- Available in all 10 of Monsoon's colors and finishes so you can match or accent with all of our standard Rotaries, Light Port Rotaries, full line of plugs, and our full line of reservoirs.
- Barb features antimicrobial silver.  Perfect for gunk free loops running high performance distilled or deionized water.
- Industry standard G 1/4 threads and highest quality premium silicone O-rings.
- Available in Singles or budget friendly Six Packs—Six Packs include a free wrench.

- Outside Diameter:  24mm (0.94”)
- Installed Height:  12mm (0.5”)
- Minimum Port Spacing:  25mm (1.0”)

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one (1) full year from your date of purchase.  This warranty does not include customer damage to the finish or the product itself caused by over tightening or incorrectly applied tool force or use of fluids containing any abrasives or glycol.  Water cooling has an inherent risk of damage to your computer parts from improperly selected or installed components; therefore, Monsoon is not responsible for any damage that might arise from the use of these products.  We recommend leak testing your loop outside of your system for at least 24 hours.


Monsoon HardLine fittings are not compatible with Alphacool Acryl-, Brass-, Carbon- and Borosilicateglass tubes.

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Technische details
Draaibaar: nee
Materiaal: Messing
Lengte schroefdraad: 5mm
2e pagina: G1/4" Außengewinde
1e pagina: 16/13mm (ID 1/2" OD 5/8")
Specificatie: Vorm: recht
Compatibiliteit: Acrylrohre
Kleur: zwart nickel
Manufacturer: Monsoon
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Questions & Answers
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