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Aquacomputer farbwerk nano (internal)

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The "farbwerk nano" is a powerful RGB effect controller for controlling up to 90 addressable...meer

The "farbwerk nano" is a powerful RGB effect controller for controlling up to 90 addressable LEDs, compatible with the Aqua Computer RGBpx product line. 

RGBpx controller for up to 90 addressable LEDs

The farbwerk nano can control 90 addressable LEDs. Each LED can be individually adjusted in color and brightness. A total of 20 LED groups of variable size can be configured, to which visual effects can be assigned. The 23 available effects offer extensive adjustment options for further individualization. Many effects also offer the option of modifying effect parameters (e.g. speed) depending on current sensor values. The available effects also include sound-to-light effects that react to the sound currently output by the computer. An outstanding feature is the AMBIENTpx effect, which allows the edge areas of the current screen content to be reproduced on the connected LEDs, thus creating a very effective backlight around the computer screen. 

The up to 20 configured effects can also be assigned several times, a total of 60 assignments are possible - perfect for illuminating several fans identically, for example.

Transparency and effect overlay

The nano inking unit allows you to define transparency in addition to ink settings. If several transparent effects are simultaneously assigned to an LED or a section, the colors are superimposed accordingly.

Profile management

A comprehensive profile management allows fast switching between different configurations. Four profiles are available to which the configured effects or LED sections can be freely assigned. The selection of the active profile can be done manually as well as automatically on the basis of sensor values or started applications on the PC. For example, it is easy to switch between office operation and gaming with completely different PC lighting. Both the ambient brightness sensor of the farbwerk nano and data from the Aqua Computer hardware monitoring are available as sensor values, so that a profile selection can also be made, for example, on the basis of CPU load or CPU temperature.

Autonomous operation

The inking unit nano works autonomously with its own microprocessor and can also be operated independently of a PC. The configuration of the inking unit nano is stored in the device, a multitude of functions is also available without connection to the PC. 

Compatible with third-party lighting products

As an alternative to the LED strips offered by Aqua Computer, Corsair and NZXT LED fans can also be used for lighting effects using the RGBpx Splitty4 product (item 53267, not supplied).

Technical details

  • Controller for addressable LEDs
  • one channel for up to 90 LEDs
  • 20 configurable effect controllers
  • Four configurable setting profiles
  • Intelligent pushbutton with three functions: Strip on/off, profile selection, brightness adjustment
  • ambient light sensor
  • 16 software sensors for the transfer of sensor data from the PC to the device
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Power supply 5 V DC via USB, current consumption max. 0.5/2 A (configurable)

Included in delivery

  • 1x inking unit nano
  • 1x RGBpx LED-Strip 32 cm, width 10 mm, 15 addressable LEDs
  • 1x RGBpx connection cable, length 50 cm
  • 1x internal USB connection cable (5-pin), length approx. 1 m
  • 4x cable clip, black
  • 1x instruction
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