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Antistatic mat AS 4 30x55cm PVC

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The anti-static mat protects all components such as graphics card, Mainboard, memory modules or...meer

The anti-static mat protects all components such as graphics card, Mainboard, memory modules or other electronic components. High quality and a scratch-resistant surface make it robust and durable.
Included with the mat come an earthing cable with mounting clip, ensuring that e.g. even complete enclosures on the mat can be reliably connected. The cable is directly connected to the anti-static mat to allow a safe connection.

Product features:
Spiral cable for ground connection and anti-static connection included
Large surface area: All components required for PC installation can fit
Safety for all components such as Mainboard, graphics card or memory modules
Sratch-resistant surface and high-quality finish protect components from being scratched
Easy storage and transportation with included bag
Inch and milimieter markings
The anti-static connection cable i s at the top of the mat, leaving more working space

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: Length 300mm, width 550mm, thickness 2mm
Colour: Black / white
Material: Rubber


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