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MCubed FanAmp

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Technische details
Manufacturer: MCubed
This FanAmp is a piece of engineering excellence! The FanAmp can be used to...meer

This FanAmp is a piece of engineering excellence!

The FanAmp can be used to supply a fan or even a pump, as it has an extraordinary power output, with different voltages. The FanAmp is supplied via a 4Pin Molex plug. On the other side of the FanAmp two 3Pin plugs are integrated to allow connection of a fan or pump on the one and connection to the Motherboard via the other one if desired. Additionally connection of an, included, temperature sensor is possible. This allows automatic fan speed adjustment according to the temperature. The control curve can be adjusted using two dials on the PCB, the one sets on which voltage the fan should run in standard operation (between 0,8 and 11,8V), the other one sets the temperature above which the fan or pump should run at 12V .

The fan can also be installed between the Mainboard connector and the fan. This operation mode is perfect to expand the voltage range given by the Onboard fan controller. Most Onboard fan controllers allow a voltage range of e.g. 12-7V when operated via Speedfan. The FanAmp is perfect to expand that range up to 0,8 to 11,8V.

Extent of delivery:
3Pin Molex extension
Sensor cable
Velcro pad for installation



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