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Scythe Choten TUF Gaming Alliance CPU air cooler

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  • SCCT-1000TUF
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Choten TUF Gaming Alliance The Choten TUF Gaming Alliance CPU cooler is a further model from...meer

Choten TUF Gaming Alliance

The Choten TUF Gaming Alliance CPU cooler is a further model from the cooperation between Asus and Scythe, which combines the popular TUF Gaming Alliance design with the good cooling properties of the Choten. The cooler uses a top-flow design to actively cool all surrounding mainboard components with the airflow from above. This has a positive effect on system stability and service life. During the development of the Choten the focus was not only on excellent performance, but also on unrestricted compatibility to RAM. The asymmetrical design paired with a large distance between motherboard and heat sink ensures excellent compatibility with large memory modules. With pre-installed Kaze Flex 120 RGB PWM fan, the overall height of the Choten CPU cooler is only 122 millimeters, making it suitable for all common PC cases. This mix of good performance features, high compatibility, high-quality fan and attractive design make the Choten TUF Gaming Alliance an attractive CPU cooler for compact systems.

H.P.M.S. III (Hyper Precision Mounting System III)

The Choten TUF Gaming Alliance uses a revised version of the secure and user-friendly Hyper Precision Mounting System. An easy-to-fit mounting bar makes installation much easier, while spring-loaded screws provide a balanced contact pressure. Combined with the redesigned backplate and rubber/plastic spacers, the system offers an easy and convenient installation process and compatibility with all current sockets including AMD®'s AM4 and Intel®'s LGA 2066 platforms.

Kaze Flex 120 RGB PWM Fan

Fan Details A PWM fan from the award-winning Kaze Flex series is used on the Choten TUF to guarantee smooth running and an average service life of 120,000 hours. The Sealed Precision FDB reduces friction and wear to a minimum thanks to a special oil film. Rubberized bearing surfaces have a decoupling effect and prevent the transmission of vibrations to the heat sink. Eight RGB LEDs arranged in a ring around the fan motor illuminate the translucent fan blades.

Asymmetrical design and low overall height

Fan Details The Choten TUF CPU Cooler features a top-flow design that features the advantage of active cooling of all mainboard components surrounding the socket. The heat sink is offset to achieve maximum RAM compatibility. In addition, the cooler is only 122 mm high when the fan is installed and is therefore compatible with a large number of PC cases.

Technical details

Model name:

  • Choten TUF Gaming Alliance CPU Cooler

Model number:

  • SCCT-1000TUF



  • Socket LGA775
  • Socket LGA1150
  • Socket LGA1151
  • Socket LGA1155
  • Socket LGA1156
  • Socket LGA1366
  • Socket LGA2011(V3)
  • Socket LGA2066


  • Socket AM2
  • Socket AM2+
  • Socket AM3
  • Socket AM3+
  • Socket AM4
  • Socket FM1
  • Socket FM2
  • Socket FM2+

Overall dimensions:

  • 130 x 120 x 130 W x H x D incl. fan (further dimensions)


  • 565 g (heat sink incl. fan)

Heatpipe number / diameter:

  • 4 / 6 mm


  • Mounting material for Intel® and AMD® sockets, RGB LED fan, thermal compound, installation instructions

Material of the base plate:

  • nickel-plated copper base (further information)

Fan Specifications

  • Model name:Kaze Flex 120 RGB PWM
  • Fan dimensions:120 x 120 x 27 mm
  • Noise level: 4 ~ 24.9 dBA
  • Air flow rate: 16,6 ~ 51,17 CFM / 28,2 ~ 86,93 m³/h
  • Fan speed: 300 (±200 rpm) ~ 1,200 rpm (±10%) (PWM controlled)
  • Static pressure:0.75 ~ 10.3 Pa / 0.076 ~ 1.05 mmH²O
  • Storage type:Sealed Precision FDB
  • Tension:12V
  • MTTF:120,000 hours at 25°C
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