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Liquid metal thermal compoand LM (0,5g)

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LM liquid thermal compounf is the latest generation of thermal interfaces. LM compound does not...meer

LM liquid thermal compounf is the latest generation of thermal interfaces. LM compound does not contain non-metallic additives such as silicones or metal oxides. This high purity allows greatly increased thermal transfer compared to standard compounds.

LM liquid metal compound is made from 100% liquid metal and is produced in a highly advanced production and developement process made for the highest requirements. Dwarfing all converntional thermal compounds and featuring easy application  in combination with a thermal conductivity increased ten-fold over conventional compound, this is the ultimate thermal transfer solution.
A multitude of tests and user reviews have shown that liquid metal thermal compounds leave all conventional thermal compounds (known to us) far behind in the dust.

Important: LM liquid metal thermal compound is not suitable for use on Aluminium surfaces.
Comparison (see image gallery): CPU temperatues can be loswered from approx. 50°C to 44°C - an improvement by 6°C!

Extent of delivery:
Syringe with dosing top for finest application and cap
Gross weight: approx. 3.2g
Sufficient for multiple applications

Please note the following points:

  • LM liquid thermal compound is currently the best thermal interface for electronic components. It can be used on CPU, GPU and other components, providiing an improved cooling performance by approx. 3°C to 7°C compared to conventional thermal compounds.
  • LM compound was developed for high-end cooling applications and must only be applied to contact surfaces such as Copper, Nickel, Silver or Gold. It must not be applied to Aluminium surfaces!
  • IMPORTANT: LM compond is electrically conductive, hence all contact with conductor paths must be avioded. Being applied to the cooling surface, this conductivity is no hazard, as both contact surface (e.g. heatspreader or DIE) and heatsink themself are already electrically conductive.
  • LM compound does not contain Mercury or other toxic heavy metals such as Lead. It is hence not toxic, not flammable, not explosive and does emit vapors. A safety data sheet may be requested via E-Mail.
  • Despite being liquid, LM compound has a high contact tensions (by adhesive forces) and can not flow from the contact surface when applied properly. It is mandatory that only a very small amount (a small drop) is applied with e.g. a brush, barely covering the surface. If these instructions are being followed, the contact surface (e.g. the CPU) does not need to be sealed, as the LM compound can not flow from the surface even with vertival mounting.

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Technische details
Kleur: zilver
Manufacturer: Phobya
Inhoud: 0,5 Gramm
Density: 6,44 g/cm³
Thermische geleidbaarheid: 40 W/mK
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Questions & Answers
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Wie groß ist der Temperatturbereich für diese Paste?
Antwort von Administrator vom 12. December 2018
Ist leider nicht bekannt. Einzige Informationen, welche noch ausfindig gemacht werden konnten sind folgende: Sicherheitsrelevante Daten Explosionsgefahr: keine Untere Explosionsgrenze : Obere Explosionsgrenze : Dampfdruck : < 10(-8) Torr Dichte : 6,44 g/cm³ Auslaufzeit : nicht anwendbar Wasserlöslichkeit: unlöslich pH-Wert: n.a. Siedepunkt/-bereich : > 1300 °C Flammpunkt : n.a. Zündtemperatur : n.a.
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