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masunt key safe - V4A

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The robust solution that meets the highest standards in key handovers. Features:...meer

The robust solution that meets the highest standards in key handovers.


  • Controlled with 4-digit user code and 8-digit master code
  • Additionally: code entry at a distance - without radio, WLAN or GSM connection
  • No power connection required - battery operated
  • 3-point lock for extra security
  • Can be used outdoors - for key handovers to guests, staff or service providers
  • Larger interior than key safe

This product meets the increasingly high standards of security in key handovers with its 3mm thick stainless steel walls and an especially robust 3-point locking system.

A special system is used for the storage of and access to deposited valuables and keys. This system allows codes to be generated at a distance and transmitted to the receiver, without needing any power supply or internet connection.

Code generation and transfer
Every unit can be controlled manually with a 4-digit user code.
An 8-digit master code can also be used. This is used by the owner/caretaker to open and program the safe. 
Codes can also be generated online. The online platform is secure, easy to use, and works quickly. The 6-digit codes generated here are temporarily valid (from 1 hour to 28 days) and can easily be forwarded to their respective users. This service ( is provided by our partner, Codelocks Ltd.

Manufacture and appearance
The key safe is solidly manufactured, made with high-quality V2A stainless steel. For usage in regions near seawater, select the version made with V4A stainless steel.
This special stainless steel doesn't only make for a long-lasting product, but also a first-class appearance - brushed stainless steel will impress your clients!

Outdoor use
The key safe was designed to be used indoors or outdoors, since it is made of high-quality stainless steel and the electronics are designated for outdoor use. 

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Technische details
Side Window: niet beschikbaar
Netzteil: zonder
Case - Type: Overige
Kleur: zilver
Manufacturer: Masunt
Materiaal: V4A-roestvrij staal
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