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masunt key safe 1-Box - V2A

masunt key safe 1-Box - V2A
masunt key safe 1-Box - V2A
  • 1011258
  • KS1120E
  • 4049469195564
  • 2,022 kg

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Handing over keys is an important issue and a matter of trust. Whether you are unable to do...meer

Handing over keys is an important issue and a matter of trust. Whether you are unable to do this yourself, is inconvenient or simply too expensive: The safest and most independent solution is a key safe.

The masunt KeyBox KS makes it possible to generate a code via tablet, smartphone or PC and to safely pass the code over to the intended person. There is no need to program the code directly at the KeyBox KS itself. This can be done from anywhere in the world. Certainly, it is still possible to generate the code directly using the KeyBox KS.

The codes can be sent to the intended person via e-mail, SMS or simply transmitted over the phone. Codes can be restricted for a certain period or be unrestricted. The innovative distance control of generating codes has been made possible through technologies based on special algorithms. Therefore the KeyBox KS key safe itself does not require any electricity or Internet connection!

Using the KeyBox KS key safe you can directly, conveniently, and safely manage the handover of keys or other valuable items. Learn more about possible applications.

The KeyBox KS key safe is a high class quality metal product that is equipped with a revolutionary and innovative lock: 
Using the KeyBox KS key safe you can easily and safely give others access to the key safe in which you place keys, key-cards, and other documents. 
Creating a PIN code is can either be done at the safe directly within 10 seconds or from anywhere in the world via internet. 
Advantages of the KeyBox KS key safe with NetCode function:

  • World novelty! Conveniently generate your code over a web portalC! The safe does not need a connection to the internet!
  • Generate your code using a tablet/smartphone/PC or directly generate a code at the safe
  • No electric wiring necessary — triple A batteries are sufficient for up to 15.000 closing cycles (depending on weather circumstances)
  • Our product is manufactured using brushed V2A-metal
  • Heavy duty 2mm metal
  • Meets outdoor requirements
  • Can be used even in areas with extreme temperatures between E -40 to + 60 degree celsius


Key Box key safe 1-box: 179 (H) / 138 (L) / 89 (D) mm; weight approx. 1,8 kg

The NetCode: Complete control over your key safe activate – generate code – control – no matter where you are!

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Technische details
Side Window: niet beschikbaar
Netzteil: zonder
Case - Type: Overige
Kleur: zilver
Manufacturer: Masunt
Materiaal: V2A-roestvrij staal
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