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Alphacool Mining Cube 300 - Black - Inkl. 3x420mm ST30 Radiatoren X-Flow

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The Alphacool Mining Cube offers a wide range of options for setting up a powerful water cooled...meer

The Alphacool Mining Cube offers a wide range of options for setting up a powerful water cooled system. Whether as a workstation, render master or mining system, the Alphacool Mining Cube is very versatile thanks to the extensive mounting options.

What fits into the Cube?
In addition to a mini or micro ATX motherboard, up to three ATX power supplies can be installed. The mainboard is mounted on the upper level, while a drawer for mounting graphics cards can be found in the lower area. On the bottom of the drawer there are extensive mounting holes for riser boards with PCIe slots. Alternatively, up to 9 individual riser cards can be screwed together. A retaining bracket fixes the graphic cards in the appropriate position so that nothing can slip during transport. For transport, grab handles are attached to the top of the case.

Water Cooling?
Altogether there is the possibility to install up to seven 420 mm radiators. Alternatively, a total of up to 23 fans with a size of 140 mm can be mounted. Two fans sit on the front of the drawer and blow directly onto the graphic cards. Inside, there are special mounting brackets for the Alphacool Eisfach. To facilitate the filling of the water cooling, there is a filling nozzle on the top of the case. So that the air can escape more easily during filling, a vent was inserted directly next to it. Both can be easily connected to the radiators mounted in the lid.

Parts of the Water Cooling System Are Pre-Assembled!
The Mining Cube 300 has already pre-assembled individual components. Among them are three 420 mm radiators with 9 pre-assembled 140 mm fans. Two more fans are mounted in the lower part at the rear. The 140 mm fans can all be controlled by PWM with a maximum speed of 1300 rpm. There are also two Eisfach reservoirs pre-mounted, each of which is prepared for the installation of a DDC pump. This gives you a good basis for equipping the system with an extensive water-cooling system.

The Alphacool Mining Cube 300 is a unique product, which has not been available on the market in this form before. The many mounting options for extremely powerful water cooling coupled with space for up to 9 graphics cards is unique.

Technical data:

  • HxLxW: 57,3 x 53,2 x 52,7 cm
  • Fan locations: 32 x 140 mm
  • Radiator spaces: 7 x 420 mm
  • Weight: 13,9 kg
  • Mainboard: Mini-ATX, Micro ATX


  • Radiators: 3x Alphacool NexXxoS 420 mm ST30
  • Reservoir: 2x Alphacool ice compartment - Single Laing DDC
  • Fan: 11x 140mm Alphacool Pure Wings 2 PWM 1300rpm

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool Mining Cube 300 - Black

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Technische details
Side Window: niet beschikbaar
Netzteil: zonder
Kleur: zwart
Case - Type: Overige
Radiator FRONT: 240mm
Materiaal: Aluminium
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Radiator BACK: 360mm
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