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Corsair Carbide 600Q schwarz

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MINIMALIST STYLE. MINIMAL NOISE. Elegant exterior design meets precise acoustic technology...meer


Elegant exterior design meets precise acoustic technology in a unique fusion of elegance, performance and silence.


The 600Q ensures a whisper-quiet PC, even at high operating levels. Sound-absorbing material has been integrated into the steel front, top and sides. Using the three-level fan control, you can choose your optimal noise and cooling level.


Elegant and functional

The impressive exterior of the 600Q conceals an equally fantastic inner layout. Secure your cables with intelligently placed cable clips and bushings. Conceal the power supply and drive slots behind removable covers, which are optimally positioned to increase direct airflow and decrease fan usage.


Simplicity = Fun

Installing drives, laying cables and putting your individual system together is incredibly easy. Spend less time building your PC and more time using it.


Cool means quiet

The 600Q inverse ATX case allows cool air to flow directly to the components, avoiding any additional unused drive bays. This natural airflow reduces fan noise to a minimum.


You need high-powered cooling for the latest high-performance PC components? The 600Q offers numerous fan installation positions and simplifies converting to CPU and GPU cooling with liquid coolant.


Inverse ATX layout

With this new layout, airflow is directed to the warmest components of your system - the GPU and CPU - and isn’t wasted on empty drive bays.


Complete sound absorption

Thanks to high-density sound absorbing material on the sides, front and top, your system will stay quiet and cool. So quiet, in fact, that you might wonder whether your PC is even running at all.


Stainless steel exterior

Say goodbye to plastic cases - the 600Q has a steel exterior for longevity and an impressive appearance.


Three integrated AF140L fans

Optimal airflow doesn’t have to be loud! The AF140L fans guide the airflow to the warmest components - without disruptive fan noise. Thanks to their three-level fan control, you can set the speed of the fans yourself.


Power supply and 5.25-inch drive bay

Clean up the interior of your case by concealing all your cables and less attractive components behind the compact, elegant power supply and 5.25-inch drive bay. Or remove them for mounting - it’s up to you.


Ready for water cooling

Place a cooler, up to 280mm, on the front and a cooler, up to 360mm, on the bottom. Combined with the mount for a 140mm fan on the rear side, you can have a system that is both cooled and attractive.


Easy to clean

Thanks to the easily accessible dust filters on the front and bottom, it never takes more than a minute to clean the dust from your system.


Easy to install

Thanks to the tool-free drive installation, access through the side piece, as well as numerous cable routing options and cable clips, you’ll spend less time building your PC and more time using it.


Scope of delivery

  • Carbide Series Quiet 600Q Inverse ATX Full Tower Case

  • Accessory kit

  • Warranty and support information



  • EATX (12 x 10.6 inch), ATX, microATX, Mini ITX motherboards


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 454 x 260 x 535 mm

  • Maximum GPU length: 370 mm

  • Maximum CPU cooling system height: 200 mm

  • Maximum power supply length: 210 mm

  • Expansion slots: 8

  • 5.25 inch drive bays: 2

  • 3.5 inch hard drive bays: 2

  • 2.5 inch drive bays: 3

  • Integrated fans: 3x low-noise AF140L 140 mm fans


  • Cooler layout

Front: 2x 140/120 mm (2x 140 mm included)

Bottom: 2x 140 mm, 3x 120 mm

Rear: 1x 140 mm (included)

  • Cooler compatibility

360 mm: bottom

280 mm: front or bottom

240 mm: front or bottom

140 mm: front, bottom, or rear

120 mm: front, bottom, or rear

  • Dust filter for access on the front and bottom

  • Front I/O cover includes

USB 3.0 connection (2)

USB 2.0 connection (2)

Three-level fan control

Headphone and microphone jacks

On/off and reset buttons

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Case - Type: Midi-Tower
Kleur: zwart
Manufacturer: Corsair
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