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Eheim 1046 outlet adaptor to G1/4" - hexagonal (long)

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Eheim 1046 Auslassadapter auf G1/4" - sechseck 1x
Eheim 1046/48 Ein- und 1250 Auslassadapter auf G1/4" - sechseck 1x
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With this adaptor it is possible to use common G1/4" fittings on the...meer

With this adaptor it is possible to use common G1/4" fittings on the Eheim 1046 pump. This adaptor can simply be screwed into the outlet of the Eheim 1046 pump replacing the original stout. (1/8" to 1/4" adaptor)

long & short:
Depending on which version is used this adaptor can be more handy to use with large fittings or smaller fittings / tubing sizes. But for both versions please always make sure not to overtighten the adaptor, screw it in only hand-tight under any circumstances to prevent damage to your pump!

Technical specifications:
Material: Nickel coated brass
Thread size: 1/4"

Extent of delivery:
Pump adaptor with durable O-ring

Please note: Do not insert the adaptor ''dry'' as the O-ring twists when dry and may not provide a safe seal. Therefore please moisten the O-ring before inserting the adaptor to prevent any problems.

Important: Over-tightening of this adaptor may result in breaking of the plastic shell. As soon as the O-ring has contact and the adaptor is lightly hand-tightened the seal is established!



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10 dec. 2012

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