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Alphacool Laing DDC-SilentBox

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Technische details
The Alphacool Laing DDC-SilentBox brings total silence to your system. In a water cooling...meer

The Alphacool Laing DDC-SilentBox brings total silence to your system.

In a water cooling system, if proper fans are used, the loudest component is the pump. Even if it is already whisper-quiet, it can still be heard in the background.

Hence Alphacool has now developed an insulating box for the most popular of pumps, the Laing DDC 1T and 1Plus pumps. This very innovative insulating box is the perfect solution to silence the last source of noise in the system once and for all! The features of the SilentBox are listed below:

A completely enclosed box surrounds the pump. This box is additionally lined with foam to additionally decouple the pump and to also absorb the noise from the pump. The In- respectively Outlet holes in the box are still sealed with foam coming from the factory, allowing the user to cut them exactly to size. This avoids sound bridges from forming as the foam can fit perfectly. Even the connection cable is surrounded by foam when the box is closed.

Decounpling, mounting:
Internally the pump is already well-decoupled, bit externally this box offers even more possibilities for additional elimination of vibration: The bottom of the box has 8 M4 threads ifor vibration absorber installation. Hence the whole box can be mounted with e.g. the Decoupling kit for Eheim/Hydor (2x outer thread) 4pcs (Item No.: 52191) or Decoupling kit for Eheim/Hydor/Laing top (1x inner thread/ 1x outer thread) 4pcs (Item No.: 52007).
The box is designed for installation in  a 3.5“ drive bay (2 vacant bays required) without added vibration absorbers. Alternatively it can be mounted in a 5.25“ drive bay with vibration absorbers. For this the box has 2 m³ threads on each side.

Mounting screws for direct installation in a 3.5“ HDD bay are included.

Laing DDC with or without top?
This insulating box has been designed to allow the pump to be used without any rebuilding, even with different tops installed. Even the connection thread in the middle of some tops was considered in the design of the box!

Known pump top compatibility:
-Alphacool top for Laing DDC Pumpen – Plexi
-Alphacool Laing DDC Acetal top
-EK Water Blocks EK-DDC X-Top G3/8 Laing DDC Acetal top
-EK Water Blocks EK-DDC X-Top Laing DDC V2 - Acetal top
-EK Water Blocks EK-DDC X-Top Laing DDC V2 - Plexi top
-EK Water Blocks EK-DDC X-Top Laing DDC V2 - White Acetal top
-Watercool DDC-Case LT Acrylic
-Watercool DDC-Case LT
-Watercool DDC-Case Laing top
-Aquacomputer aquacover DDC, top for Laing- and Swiftech pumps, G1/4 (here only the middle thread on top of the cover can be used)
-Phobya Laing DDC top - black nickel Edition brass (here none of the connection threads on top can be used)
-Phobya Laing DDC top - silver nickel Edition brass (here none of the connection threads on top can be used)

Known top incompatibilities (the following tops will not fit):
-Phobya DDC Light Laing DDC Black top
-Phobya DDC Light Laing DDC Plexi top

Generally it can be said that all fittings can be used if an extension with a maximum outer diameter of 12mm is used. Hence all barbed fittings as well as all compression fittings with a union nut diameter of 12mm at most can be used as well. The Alphacool fittings with Alphacool tops can even be used directly with 13/10mm fittings.

For all other top and fitting compatibilities a collective thread will be created  (Forums are still under construction).

Technical specifications:
Material: Steel, foam
Colour: Black painted
Dimensions (LxWxH): 100x102x66mm
Standard mounting: 2x 3.5“ drive bay
Additional mounting threads:
Bottom: 8x M4 threads
Sides: 2x M3 threads each
Weight: 474g

Extent of delivery:
Alphacool Laing DDC-SilentBox  
8x Mounting screws

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Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von Oleksandr K. vom 11. November 2016
Does it compatible with old (V1) XSPC Laing DDC Top? Thanks!
Antwort von Administrator vom 11. November 2016
I think not because the G1/4" threads are more on the outside of the block, should be more in the middle.

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22 apr. 2014

Schalldämmung gut, Größe etwas sperrig aber passt dennoch gut in mein Midi Tower Case. Vibrationsdämmung undf Befestigung Sehr gut und vor allem: Stabil und Robust, alles metall und Schrauben liegen bei. Nachteil: Gewinde für Casehalterung etwas Schwergängig, muss man aber nur einmal reindrehen, dann hällt es bestens.

26 jan. 2014

die kurze Zeit in der die Box drum war war es schon ruhiger... aber ist noch in der Testphase.

10 dec. 2012

Hatte mir zwecks Entkopplung der Pumpe mehr versprochen. Erfüllt aber den Zweck die Pumpe im Gehäuse unsichtbar zu machen.

Alphacool Laing DDC Acetal top Alphacool Laing DDC Acetal top
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