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Alphacool Eiszapfen HF quick release connector kit G3/8 inner thread with reducing nipple G1/4 and bulkhead - chrome

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Technische details
1e pagina: G3/8" Innengewinde
2e pagina: G3/8" Innengewinde
Compatibiliteit: weiche Schläuche (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Draaibaar: nee
Kleur: zilver nickel
Lengte schroefdraad: 5mm
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Materiaal: Messing
Alphacool’s new quick connectors, called the “Eiszapfen” (icicle), are the newest addition to...meer

Alphacool’s new quick connectors, called the “Eiszapfen” (icicle), are the newest addition to the “Eis” series. High quality and impressive features take every water cooling system a step forward in quality and practicality!


A quick-release connector can be used anywhere where expandability, flexibility, or cleanliness play a big role. The compact connectors have a 3/8“ thread on both sides. In order to make these connectors compatible with all current components, a 1/4” thread reducer is also included.


The connectors can be separated by pulling down the outer rings. Both sides immediately shut completely, so that no water can leak out. The special N.D.S.L. technology (no drip, no splash, no leak) ensures no water drips, splashes or leaks out while opening the connectors. When the pieces are reconnected, both sides audibly click together and are locked tightly with a double o-ring, which is simply pressed together when reconnecting. This also prevents any deterioration of the o-ring. The mechanism was also designed for longevity, to ensure a secure connections even after several years.


Many quick connectors tend to compromise the flow rate. But Alphacool has found a way to solve this problem. These quick connectors can still sustain a high flow rate!


Alphacool’s quick connectors are available in two models. In deep black and completely chromatized versions, they fit seamlessly into any system.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x D): 88.5 x 28mm

  • Material: brass

  • Colour: chrome

  • Thread: 2x 3/8” IG


Scope of Delivery:

  • 1x Alphacool Eiszapfen HF quick release connector kit G3/8 inner thread with reducing nipple G1/4 and bulkhead - chrome



The quick connectors should not be used dry for prolonged periods, as this will put stress on the o-rings and leak tightness can no longer be guaranteed.

Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von Mich'l vom 11. November 2016
Hallo Aquatuning-Team, ich hätte ein ppar Fragen zu den Maßen. Wie lang ist die Schnellkupplung (inkl. Reduzierer)? Wie lang sind die einzelnen Kupplungsstücke (inkl. Reduzierer)? Wie lang ist die Einstecktiefe der Schottverschraubung (inkl. Reduzierer)? Welchen Durchmesser benötigt man für die Schottverschraubung? Kann man die Befestigungsmutter für die Schottverschraubung über den Reduzierer drehen oder muss dieser vorher entfernt werden? MfG Mich'l
Antwort von Administrator vom 11. November 2016
Eine Menge Fragen, dann soll es auch eine Menge Antworten geben :) 1) Die Schnellkupplung ist inkl. Reduzierer 93,4mm lang. 2) Beide sind 53,8mm lang. 3) Die Einstecktiefe inkl. Reduzierer beträgt 12,7mm 4) Der Optimale Durchmesser beträgt 22mm. 22,5mm würden auch ok sein. 5) Die Kontermutter kann problemlos über den Reduzierer gedreht werden, da der Außendurchmesser vom Reduzierer bei 20mm liegt.

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