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Aerocool Touch 2100 Panel

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Technische details
Aantal uitgangen: 5x 3Pin Molex
Display beschikbaar: Ja
Kleur: zwart
Manufacturer: Aerocool
Materiaal front: Aluminium
Stroomvoorziening: 4Pin Molex 5V/12V DC
Temperatuuringang: 5x 2Pin (10kOhm)
Vorm: 2x 5,25" Laufwerkschacht
The integrated touch fan controller allows control over up to 5 fans either manually or...meer

The integrated touch fan controller allows control over up to 5 fans either manually or depending on data from the temperature sensors.

Any spot in the enclosure can be picked for placement of the temperature sensors. Temperature and fan speed of the 5 channels are displayed in the large colour touch LCD display. Besides the automatic control mode, the fan speed can also be set manually.

For each channel, a temperature- and speed monitoring feature is integrated. Independent configuration of all channels is possible, meaning that e.g. the first channel can display the measured temperature, while the second channel can display the fan speed. Six different colours can be set for the display, making it fit perfectly into all systems.

Additionally, this controller features two USB 3.0 connectors as well as a headphone and microphone jack, rounding off the great overall package of this controller.

To protect the system from overheating, Aerocool has integrated an alarm control into the Touch-2100 panel. Should a temperature channel exceed an alarm threshold set by the user, an alarm is activated. The display can be switched off if needed.

  User manual (EN)


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