Alphacool Heatmaster II (70W Leistung)

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Techmische details en video's meer
Technische details
Aantal uitgangen: 9x 3Pin Molex
Afmetingen: 144 x 108 x 20mm
Display beschikbaar: No
Kleur: groen
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Materiaal front: alleen printplaat
Max. vermogen per kanaal: 18W
Stroomvoorziening: 4Pin Molex 5V/12V DC
Temperatuuringang: 6x 2Pin (10kOhm)
Uitgangspanning: 5 - 12V DC
Vorm: 1x 5,25" Laufwerkschacht
The new generation of cooling controller from Alphacool: The Heatmaster II The new...meer

The new generation of cooling controller from Alphacool: The Heatmaster II

The new Alphacool Heatmaster II was developed in Germany over multiple years, and has continuously been improved considering the experiences from the first version. Hence we are now, after a development and testing period of almost 3 years, able to present the best Heatmaster of all times!

The whole manufacturing process is done in Germany, ensuring highest quality of manufacturing and stringent quality control.

Alphacool’s Heatmaster 2 board is more than just a simple control and monitoring unit. It is the central component for a multitude of optional expansions and possibilities, some of which are already available and many are currently being developed! With this controller module you are making a step towards the future!

Power supply:
The unit draws power via the proven and reliable 4-Pin Molex power connection to the computer’s PSU. Simply connect a 4-Pin PSU connector the board and the unit can be started up!

Data transfer:
The data transfer from and to the Heatmaster respectively the corresponding software is achieved via an internal USB connection cable. It is extremely important to ensure the right polarity of this connection to prevent damage to your hardware or Heatmaster. More information is provided in the Operating manual on page 10.

Fan channels:
6 individual channels allow connection, control and monitoring of a large number of fans. Each channel can put out up to 18W of power, hence even allowing multiple fans to be connected (depending on the fan type).

Pumps / flow rate sensors:
3 additional channels allow connection of multiple fans or also flow rate sensors. The sensor can be monitored with the Heatmaster II. Control of the pumps is also possible by connecting the optionally available analogue adaptor (not included) parallel to a fan channel. In this configuration the 10W limit must still be observed. By adaptation it is possible to connect a wide array of pumps and flow rate sensors.

Performance features:
The overall power draw from all fan and pump channels must not exceed 75 Watts or 6 Amps at 12 Volts. There are different possibilities to distribute the power draw between the channels.

Without additional cooling (stock):
A maximum power of 18W can be drawn per channel. This means that e.g. 4 Laing DDC Plus pumps could be connected to separate channels when no fans are connected. Alternatively 6 Laing DDC 1T without connected fans can be controlled. When only one or two pumps are connected (pumps from other manufacturers, such as Eheim, Phobya or Hydor, with a maximu power consumption of 18W can be used as well), the remaining power envelope can be used to power fans on the other channels. We recommend using an additional fan for cooling of the Heatmaster2.
The Alphacool VPP or TPP pumps or Eheim pumps from model 1250 upwards cannot be used without additional cooling for the Heatmaster2.

With additional cooling (Added component: Alphacool Heatmaster 2 cooler, Item No.: 11045)
The advantage of operation with the added water block is an increased power envelope for the individual channels. The maximum overall power draw of 75 Watts must not be exceeded, even with additional cooling! With this cooler it is possible to draw up to 38 Watts of power per channel. The power can still be distributed amongst the channels, just as when using no additional cooling.

Pumps and flow rate sensors known to be compatible:
-EK-DCP 2,2 /4,0
-Laing DDC-1T / Laing DDC-1T Plus ( requires active cooling)  (as well as the RT models)
-Phobya DC12-220/260/400
-Laing D4 & D5 ( ( requires active cooling) 
-Alphacool TPP644 & VPP655 ( requires active cooling) 

Please note that the Alphacool pump adaptor may be needed for some models!
Flow rate sensors
-Bach DFS 1/25io
-Some Digmesa DF sensors
-GMR DF Sensor including electronics
-Innovatek FlowMeter
-Aquacomputer Durchflusssensor "high flow"

Additional features, connectable via connection array / pin strip:

•    HM BUS
•    Emergency shutdown
•    PC shutdown
•    Up to 6 temperature sensors can be connected, resistance 5k Ohm or 10k Ohm
•    Water level sensor compatibility
•    LED 1: Silent alarm
•    LED 2: Alarm
•    LED 3: Warning
•    Up to 3 relays can be connected, switching current up to 80mA max
•    Up to three buttons can be connected
•    Heatmaster Reset
•    5V Stan-by operation
•    12V and 5V sockets for external devices

More information about the individual features ist listed in the operating manual on pages 7ff

The centerpiece for monitoring and setup of the Heatmaster II is the software. Here a list of some oft he features:

•    Different presets can be opened at any time
•    Fan control in multiple modes
•    Actions triggered by temperature of flow rates
•    Display configuration
•    Alarm settings, e.g. in case of low coolant level
•    Monitoring of relative values, e.g. water to air
•    Automatic relay control and programs

Details in the operating manual on pages 18ff!

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: 500 MHz or better, recommended 1000 MHz
RAM 512 MB
50 - 100 MB HDD space
USB 1.1

Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 with limitations.

Made in Germany

The Heatmaster Software (GER & EN) and the Operating manual (GER, EN & FR) can be downloaded here.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 144 x 108 x 20mm
Weight: approx. 202g 
Current draw:  max 6,3A 
Power connector: 4 Pin Molex 
Maximum power draw per channel: 18W uncooled, 38W cooled with item No. 11045 
Overall power draw for all channels: max. 75W (cooled and uncooled) 
Maximum power draw of the relay channels: max. 5W per relay 
Controlled fan / pump channels: 6 
Fan / pump channel connector: 3 Pin 
Uncontrolled fan / pump / flow rate sensor channels: 3

Declaration of compliance:
Declaration of compliance with CE regulations:
The product has been developed and tested following the harmonized European standards EN 55014-1 and EN 61000-6-3. The product fulfills all requirements of the EG directive 2004/108/EG on electromagnetic compatibility and hence carries the CE label.

All part and components of the Heatmaster II conform with RoHS regulations
WEEE / ElektroG

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool Heatmaster 2
4x Temperature sensors with approx.. 50cm cable
1x internal 4-Pin USB connection cable
1x Jumper
1x Quick guide (GER, EN, FR)



Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von ShadowNavel vom 07. July 2016
Kann man den headmaster 2 mit speedfan steuern oder wird er da nicht erkannt?
Antwort von Administrator vom 07. July 2016
Das Funktioniert leider nicht.
Frage von ShadowNavel vom 07. July 2016
Kann der Alphacool LCD-Display die Daten vom headmaster 2 anzeigen?
Antwort von Administrator vom 08. August 2016
Nein, das funktioniert leider nicht.
Antwort von Guest #218686 vom 12. December 2016
das ist echt schade :-(((((((((

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20 okt. 2015

Noch nicht eingebaut, aber sieht sehr gut verarbeitet aus. Die Software kann man sicht von der Herstellerseite kostenlos herunterladen.

16 mrt. 2015

very big but if you have where to hide is a good controller.

17 apr. 2014

Wenn man einen Platz in seinem Gehäuse für die Platine findet, dann ist sie ein echtes Wunderteil. Man hat unglaublich viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. Mit dem Heatmaster 2 kann man seine Lüfter und auch die Pumpe nach den individuellen Bedürfnissen regeln. Die Software könnte noch an einigen Stellen optimiert werden.

31 mrt. 2013

Das Produkt hat mich total enttäuscht, schlechte Anschluss Möglichkeiten. Und total Kompliziert anzuschließen. Ziemlich schlechte Gebrauchs Anleitung. Habe es sofort zurückgeschickt. Kann ich gar nicht verstehen wieso es so gut bewertet wird. Für den Preis habe ich ganz klar mehr erwartet.



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