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vibration absorber 140mm fan white

vibration absorber 140mm fan white
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Technische details
Grootte: 140mm
Kleur: wit
Magnetisch: nee
Manufacturer: Aquatuning
Specificatie: Lüfterentkopplung
Vibration absorber for 140mm fans. Excellent vibration dampener made from silicone! Fans induce...meer

Vibration absorber for 140mm fans. Excellent vibration dampener made from silicone! Fans induce vibrations which can be transmitted to surrounding objects and may lead to resonance vibrations. With this dampener such problems can be solved immediately! With these dampeners it is possible to significantly reduce noise emissions and vibrations caused by e.g. ATC power supplies or 140mm fans. This is a great step towards a silent system! Simply insert the vibration absorbers between chassis and fan frame respectively power supply, insert the screws and only very little or no residual vibration will be transmitted to the PC case.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 140x140mm
Material: Silicone
Suitable for: 140mm fans, ATX power supplies

Extent of delivery:
1x Vibration dampener 140mm fan white

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